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Stone Color Symbolism

Stones can be used for divination, meditation, healing and magic. Each stone will have a different power source or center. Having several stones of different colors will allow you to set up a specific magical power by setting the stones at the four corners around your sacred space when going on a Shamanic journey. You should always keep your stones in a cloth bag large enough to fit your hand into. If you have an affinity for a certain stone or itís color you can purchase a ring or a necklace setting of that color or type of stone. You can also place stones in medicine bags to carry in your pocket or to place around your neck. If you know someone who does jewelry or lapidary work, you can have the specific stone of your choice mounted in a ring or necklace setting. This is a brief list of what each color symbolizes

White:Spiritual guidance, being directed into the right paths, calmness, becoming centered, seeing past all illusion. Quartz, Agate.

Red:Courage to face conflicts or test, energy, taking action. Garnet, Red Jasper, Red Agate Dark Carnelian.

Pink:Healing, true love, friendship. Rose quartz, Agate.

Yellow: Power of the mind, creativity of a mental nature, sudden changes. Amber, Topaz, Citrine.

Orange:Change your luck, power, control of a situation. Carnelian, Jacinth.

Blue:Harmony, understanding, journeys, or moves. Lapis Lazuli, Labradorite.

Green:Marriage, relationships, balance, practical creativity particularly with the hands, prosperity, fertility, growth. Jade, Malachite, Amazonite.

Brown: Earth elementals, success, amplifies all Earth energy and psychic abilities, common sense. Tigereye, Smoky quartz.

Black:Binding of energy, defense by repelling negative energies and people, reversing negative thoughtforms into positive power, general defense, pessimism, feeling bound. Jet, Onyx, Obsidian.

Purple: Breaking bad luck, protection, psychic and spiritual growth, success in long range plans. Amethyst, Beryl, Quartz.

Indigo: Discovering past lives, karmic problems, balancing out karma, stopping undesirable habits or experiences. Turquoise, Amethyst, Beryl.

Pyrite: Money, prosperity, total success, Sun deities.

Moonstone: Gaining Occult power, soothing emotions, rising above problems, Moon deities.

Rock Crystal: Amplifier of magical power, psychic work, help with divination, amplifies power raised during Shaman work.

Lodestone or a magnet: Drawing power, ability to attract what you want.


The following is a small sample of commonly used crystals.

Agate: Agates come in many varieties. They are a grounding stone. They balance energies. Very good for building self-confidence.

Amazonite: Soothes the brain and nervous system. It has an affinity with Virgos.

Amethyst: Beneficial is almost every area. Good for protection, astral projection, and enhanced psychic abilities.

Aquamarine: This stone calms the nerves and helps reduce fears. It increases creativity and
sharpens intuition. It has an affinity for aquarius, pisces, taurus, libra, and scorpio.

Azurite: This stone increases psychic abilities. Also a fine stone to aid in deep meditation. It has an affinity with sagittarius.

Bloodstone: This is an excellent healing stone. Used for problems with the blood and circulation. Detoxifies the kidney, liver and spleen.

Calcite: Comes in many different translucent colors. Excellent for boosting your memory capabilities.

Citrine: An excellent stone for depression, it wards off negativity.

Emerald: Promotes balance, relaxation and peace.

Fluorite: A good grounding stone. Helps in mental expression.

Garnet: For passion, and also good for Blood Of The Moon ceremonies.

Hematite: Boosts self esteem, and aids in tissue regeneration.

Jade: An excellent stone valued for peace, purity and protection.

Jasper: Assorted colors. All forms good for business and financial
matters. Also a valuable aid in rain eremonies.

Lapis: A spiritual alignment stone. Good for chakra work, and astral travel.

Malachite: A good protection and awareness stone. Should be used with caution. If used improperly it can magnify negative energy also.

Moonstone: Helps calm emotions. A femine stone beneficial in
speaking with the Goddess, and "Blood Of The Moon" ceremonies.

Obsidian: A very protective stone. Helps you see inside yourself.

Onyx: Brings balance to the
mind, and strength to the body. Good for prayers to the Lord.

Pyrite: Also called fools gold. Beneficial to the respiratory and circulatory systems.

Rose Quartz: Good for romantic love, peace and happiness.

Sodalite: A good stone for business, and balance. Properly distributes energies. Beneficial in healing also.