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Materials and Methods How to Make and Use the Charms that Follow

Here's how to use the rune charms on this webpage. The easiest method is to print this page and cut out the charm or charms you want to use.
If you can only print in black and white, trace each symbol in red ink (either Doves Blood or Dragons Blood depending upon the situation), marker while concentrating on the symbol's purpose. If you print in color, trace the symbols with your blood.

Pray or do a personal ritual to consecrate each individual charm and charge it with its purpose. Call upon the power of God/dess. I have consecrated each of these, but they should be charged to YOU personally. The consecration ritual may include burning a copy of the charm. However, keep another copy to carry with you in a mojo bag of the appropriate color. You may also want to add a lodestone to the bag for extra power. If you do, remembeer to "feed" your lodestone at every full moon

These symbols make excellent focus points for meditation. The meditation will then set you on your path toward your desired goal.

Carry the piece of paper with you in a pocket or in your wallet. Lay it under your pillow or on your night table when you sleep. The charms will last as long as the piece of paper. If you want to make more sturdy charms, carve and paint the symbols onto pieces of wood. (Do not laminate the piece of paper. You could, however, make several copies and consecrate all at the same time.)


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