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Welcome..This is a place of Power..a Sacred Place in Cyber Space..all Spiritual Paths may lead here..If you find yourself here yours did..This is a place where you can leave your thoughts and kind wishes for others..and those who pass through may wish to lend power to your desires..this is a place with an echo.. where your words will revirbirate through the thousands of miles of fiber optic cable bounce off the sattalites..and touch someone somewhere..all that is done here will cause that ripple through the Cosmos and with intent create effect..Your words will leave the power lines and take root in the minds and spirits of those who come here and be passed on. added to.. and the ripple grows...

The Power is what you will..that it harm none..

Be Here Now...

Please come in and be welcome. If you need a candle lighted or just need to speak to the Lord and Lady, please let your requests and petitions be known.

Blessed Be....

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Please only use the form and email above for prayer and petitions only.
Thank you....

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