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        The Wheel 

      Circles and Levels

   The yearnings people have for a "better" world are constantly frustrated because this World IS the Better World !!   It is one's lack of Wisdom which causes this world to seem as something from which to escape. The Shamanic principle is fed by the deep Earth (Underworld) and the Sky (Stellar World). It brings these to a Center in this world (Middle Earth) The center is balanced by the four Principles of Direction : East ,South ,West, North . These names have many correspondences which one then uses as a map of the Mysteries .

   This represents the Wheel of Life, in a static form. The Wheel is constantly moving and changing within a pattern. It is the discerning of this pattern along with an understanding of the parts and their representations which lead to the center and balance.

    The Egyptians have a word for Cosmic principles ,Neter . It is my feeling that the Shamanic Neter is birthing at this time ;that all which make up such a Principle have come together, and are manifest in this World. This concept of the Shamanic Neter can be expressed as the principle of the Way of the Living Earth ,that which is Physical ,expressed Qabalastically as Malkuth (which translates in English as Kingdom) ,so that the Ways of the Wise, which are a state of ISNESS ,of Being , are here and now, not in an afterworld , or anywhen besides now.

    One excellent way of working with the Shamanic Neter is the Native American "Medicine" Wheel ; understanding that the words , translated into English as "Medicine" are closer in meaning to Mystery (The Mysteries) Spirit Teaching, Spirit Knowledge .The Wheel is a physical structure which imprints the cycles of being upon the world, in a symbolic manner, thus one has a circle, the circle of being ,the four directions, seasons, elements, animal powers, creating a balanced whole , which one can walk , and obtain a better understanding of reality. Plus there is the Center ,which ties together ,and activates the other parts of the Wheel.

    If one visualizes the Earth Wheel ,and beneath it ,the Underworld Wheel, and above the Stellar Wheel ,with all turning and connected, one can begin to grasp the symbolism of a "Medicine" Wheel. they can also be used to measure the Seasons, the rising and setting of planets and stars ,and the whole astrological/astronomical world .

   There are many variations on the Wheel ,with colors, animals, elements, etc. assigned to directions ,depending on the group who used, or is using a particular wheel. Some people mark mid points, some mark moon phases ,some mark both. There are also a number of books which show the basic physical patterns ; it is better if one actually goes to ,and experiences a Wheel ,before reading about one. However , it can be hard to find one in many places , so that the written material can be valuable ; and it can lead to an understanding which one would not have found any other way .

   The Wheel also expresses Numbers, and their profound concepts ;thus 0 which both is and is not , as the cosmos before the beginning ; 1 as the seed, the speck of awareness , the Divine Spirit ; 2 the Mirror , 1+1 , the All contemplating itself , 3 explosion !! ,Triple forms of the Goddess, color, Power ;4 ,as 1+3 begins another sequence, the Seed+Trinitarian Divine Feminine ,7 4+3 , the inner/outer ,upper/lower, male/female, the Directions. The Seven symbolism is found in many Sacred structures, such as the Medicine Wheel : the four directions (seasons, winds, etc.) the Center and the Upper and Lower. If one brings in such things as the Seven Elder Planets, the Qabalistic Cube of Space ,and Otherworld Journeys of many esoteric teachings, one can grasp what a profound symbol the Medicine Wheel is and how it can be used as a key to the Mysteries